Do you have Film sitting in your fridge or freezer you're never going to use?!

Is there some film out there you'd love to try?!

Then Hip Shoot Film’s Film Stock Swap is here to connect you with someone to trade film with!

All formats considered from 35mm to Sheet Film!

  • All Films should have been stored well in either a fridge, freezer or equivalent

  • Trades work on an honesty policy, we rely upon the community being honest and open, ensuring only stock that has been looked after is traded.

  • All films should have been kept sealed and dry and stored

  • Please note this is a free to use service for the Film Photography Community and Hip Shoot Film does not benefit from any trades.

  • Trades will be based on cash equivalence as a baseline. For example one roll of Cinestill 800 might be worth two rolls of HP5. This is however all down to the individual users expectation and what they're are happy to trade. Expired film is also considered but value will be half of in date stock.

Once a trade is matched with someone you will be contacted to open discussions to ensure you get a deal you're happy with. From there we'll exchange email addresses and leave it down to the users to exchange address.

You can list all of the films you have available for trade in one form submission. No need to re-enter for each roll you wish to trade.

If the film stock is no longer available after submitting it as available for trade, please contact hipshootfilm {@}

Name *
What type of film do you have to trade?
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Please state ALL quantities and formats of each stock you have available for trade including if it's in date or expired e.g "2 x Kodak 400Tx - 35mm - In Date" or "1 x 120 - Washi S - Expired"
What Film Stock Format(s) are you looking for in return? *
Please check all formats that you're happy to acquire
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By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by hipshootfilm. This will only be shared with another photographer if a trade is agreed upon in order to exchange further details and complete an exchange.